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Ilex opaca
Eastern USA

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Assumed, Wood Working Properties & Specifications


Ilex spp. Aquifoliaceae


The genus Ilex contains over 350 species native to: North America [26], Europe [1], tropical Africa [1], Australia [1], with the rest in China and Brazil. The word ilex is the classical Latin name of Quercus ilex L., holly oak, of Europe, which has holly like leaves.

The following is for American Holly:

Distribution: North America, from Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, southwest to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri and Oklahoma, south to Texas and east to Florida.

The Tree: Hollies have spiny evergreen leaves and red berries on the female trees. It is found in lower areas of deep, rich, moist soils in association with magnolia, oaks, sweet gum, maples and hackberry. It reaches a height of 50 feet with a 2 foot diameter. The bark is thick and relatively smooth with rough wart like processes.

The Wood:
General: The sapwood of Holly is white and the heartwood is an ivory white with a bluish cast or streaks. It has no characteristic odor or taste and is heavy, hard, close grained and tough, with a low luster like ivory.

Drying & Shrinkage: Holly generally discolors when seasoned slowly. It is best cut in winter and dried quickly. It may warp and cup during kiln drying.

Working Properties: It is difficult to work, but takes a high polish. It glues and screws well, but drilling should be done slowly. It takes a stain well, and can be ebonized.

Durability: Holly is susceptible to fungal attack.

Preservation: No information available at this time.

Uses: Furniture (inlay), keys for musical instruments (ebonized), scientific instruments, fixtures, brush backs, carvings, scrollwork, engravings, handles, turnery & novelties.

Toxicity: No information available at this time.







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